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Established 2016 – Los Angeles.



As grown-ups, we often think our role is to teach, but the truth is, we have a lot to learn from our children. The way they courageously take on the world, their innocent curiosity, and the way they unashamedly express themselves. It is through their eyes that we wish to see the world again, like a new uncharted place, waiting to be explored. And so with renewed child-like inspiration, my husband and I set off on an adventure of our own this year, to start our own business and see where it would take us.

My husband Jon and I started our journey together 14 years ago, as touring musicians in a rock band. During this time, we learned a lot about what it meant to run our own business. Outside of writing music we found a lot of our time was being spent designing merchandise, logos, websites, doing photo shoots, running social media accounts, building brand partnerships, and learning about the financial side of running a business. This experience coupled with the ability to travel the country gave us a unique set of skills and an entrepreneurial spirit.

In our travels we were also able to see how fortunate we were to have grown up in a safe, suburban neighborhood. Our eyes were opened to how many kids don’t have it so easy. It was about this time last year that we sat down to come up with a way we could use our combined skills to do more than just play music. We believed we could change the world in some way, and we decided the best way to do that was by starting with the children, who are the future of our world. That is why every time you buy something from our shop, we donate a portion of our proceeds to charities that help the children who need it most.

Although we do not have any children of our own (yet) we love being “Auntie Co” and “Uncle Jon” to our two beautiful nieces. They inspire us to create designs that are fun, and messaging that promotes exploration, imagination, and wonder. We are thankful that you came to visit us on our site, and we look forward to going on this adventure with you!

A portion of profits from every sale will be donated to Children of the Nations.

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